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Dog holiday in Sweden
Zur Ferienhaus in Schweden Bildergalerie, mit vielen Bildern vom See, Boot, Angeln und Jonkoping.

Sweden Vacation with a Dog - Dogs are Welcome in our Cottage in Sweden!

Those who come to Sweden to enjoy their vacation together with their pet unfortunately often have a hard time finding a landlord that welcomes cats and dogs. Fortunately in our cottage, pets are welcome! However, there are several regulations one should pay attention to when importing cats and dogs to Sweden. Note: To protect the wildlife, dogs have to be kept on a leash in woods ands fields from March 1st till August 20th.

Overview of the Import Regulations of Cats and Dogs to Sweden from UK and Ireland

Dog in the snow - Winter holiday in Sweden
  • Identification (Microchip or Tattoo)
  • Pet Passport
  • Clinical Examination of the Animal
  • Direct Transport to Sweden
  • Notifying the Customs at a "Red Point"

Import Regulations for Cats & Dogs from EU Countries other than UK and Ireland

  • Identification (Microchip or Tattoo)
  • Pet Passport
  • Rabies Vaccination and Antibody Check
  • Deworming
  • Clinical Examination of the Animal
  • Notifying the Customs at a "Red Point"

You can find detailed Information in the following pdf file published by the Swedish Authorities:

Information on the import of cats and dogs to Sweden - extended version [300 KB, PDF, English, Mai 2008]

How to notify the Customs at a "Red Point"? According to the Swedish custom authorities you simply call one of the following numbers depending on your form of travel.

  • If you come by car or ferry: Notify the authorities about place and time of arrival by calling +46-(0)40-661 32 20 at least 1 hour before arrival in Sweden.
  • If you come by plane: Notify the authorities about place and time of your arrival, as well as the flight number by calling +46-(0)8-456 66 20 at least 24hours before your arrival in Sweden.
Links: Weite Felder und Wälder rings um unser Ferienhaus in Schweden; Rechts: 300 Meter weiter bei den Vermietern der Ferienhäuser

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