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The beautiful landscape around our cottage in Sweden.

Journey to Sweden - How to travel to our Cottage in Sweden

On this page you will find a general overview of the different ways of getting to Jönköping. After booking, all our guests receive detailed instructions via e-mail that explain the route from Jönköping to our cottage in Sweden. Please note that all links on this page will open in new tabs or windows! Please allow any blocked popup windows for our website.

Address of our Cottage in Sweden

Cottage in Sweden
Långsbo 20
571 97 Forserum

Link: Here you will find the location of our cottage marked out on a Panoramio map

We recommend you to come by car or by airplane in combination with a rental car in order to directly reach our cottage. Especially guests from countries other than Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands should have a look at the flight options and airports listed on this page.

By Car to the Cottage in Sweden

With the car you have different possibilities to get to Northern Europe and Sweden. Either you take one of the many ferries or you take the way by land over the Öresund Bridge, which connects Sweden to the rest of Europe. As soon as you arrive in southern Sweden you should get to the E4 highway and follow it north all the way to Jönköping. Usually you will arrive in Trelleborg, Malmö, Helsingborg, or Ystad with the ferry, but whichever way you arrive, you will easily find your way to the E4 which is the main highway through Sweden. For detailed route information, as well as information from other cities for the journey by car, please check out Navteq.

Those who come by car to Sweden also have the possibility to bring alcohol from home. This can make a lot of sense since the Swedish alcohol prices are very high. You will pay for instance 3 to 4 times that which you would pay in Germany, because of the heavy taxes imposed and state monopolization of alcohol sales. However, please inform yourself about the customs regulations!

By Ferry to Sweden

There are four main ferry lines that go to Sweden. Instead of buying single trips, you can sometimes save money by asking for a ticket that is valid for both the trip to Sweden and the trip home (round-trip). Generally, for those that want to arrive in Sweden relaxed, we recommend you to take the ferry trips that run at night. In this case you can book a cabin and get some sleep if you have a long car ride. Note: During the ferry ride passengers are not allowed on the car deck, so it's important to remove all personal belongings you may need during the ride from your car.
Alle Fährlinien die Sie zu unserem Ferienhaus nach Schweden bringen in einer Übersichtskarte.
[Click on the map to enlarge it! Note: Map will open in a new tab or window!]

All Ferry Lines and Routes at a Glance:

Stena Line -

  • Kiel - Göteborg | Göteborg - Kiel
  • Grenå - Varberg | Varberg - Grenå
  • Frederikshavn - Göteborg | Göteborg - Frederikshavn

TT-Line -

  • Travemünde - Trelleborg | Trelleborg - Travemünde
  • Rostock - Trelleborg | Trelleborg - Rostock

Scandlines -

  • Puttgarden - Rodby | Rodby - Puttgarden
  • Rostock - Gedser | Gedser - Rostock
  • Rostock - Trelleborg | Trelleborg - Rostock
  • Sassnitz - Trelleborg | Trelleborg - Sassnitz
  • Sweden Ticket: Puttgarden - Rodby + Helsingor - Helsingborg
  • Sweden Ticket: Rostock - Gedser + Helsingor - Helsingborg

Finnlines -

  • Travemünde - Malmö | Malmö - Travemünde

Over the Öresund Bridge to Sweden

In order to cross the bridge you must pay a toll. The current prices and additional information about the bridge can be found on

By Air to the Cottage in Sweden

The following airports in the region have flight connections to various destinations in Europe.

Småland aka Vaxjö Airport (VXO) is about 120 km away from the cottage.
Unfortunately only few flights on selected days.

Göteborg Landsvetter (GOT) is about 150 km from the cottage.

Göteborg City Airport (GSE) about 190 km away from the cottage.

Stockholm-Skavsta (NYO) approximately 245 km from the cottage.
The main destination of Ryanair in Sweden

Copenhagen (CPH) about 340 km from the cottage in Sweden.
Usually has more and cheaper connections than Stockholm Arlanda.

Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) about 380 km from the cottage.

We recommend you to fly to Göteborg or Stockholm Skavsta and from there, rent a car. Especially RyanAir offers many connections to both of these airports. For people from southern Germany and those even further south, this is often cheaper and less stressful than coming with your own car. Rental cars are relatively cheap in Sweden. If you have any questions about your journey to our cottage in Sweden, please feel free to ask.

Alternatively you could take the airport bus or a taxi to the nearest train station and continue your journey to Jönköping with the Swedish train system.

By Bus to the Cottage in Sweden

Journeys from various different European locations to Jönköping can be made with Eurolines or Berlin Linienbus. The remaining 30 km from Jönköping to the cottage is best covered by a rental car.

By Train to Sweden

It is of course also possible to come by train to Sweden. The trains sometimes go over Copenhagen in Denmark or sometimes by ferry and enter in Sweden that way. From some European cities, like Berlin, you even have direct train connections to Copenhagen. This doesn't have to be expensive. We once took the train from Berlin to Copenhagen with Deutschen Bahn for 39 EUR per person and it took about 6 hours, but we didn't even have to switch trains! From Copenhagen you continue with the Swedish train system or a bus to Jönköping. You could also rent a car in Copenhagen directly.

More information about travel arrangements you will find on Sweden's official homepage for tourism:

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