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Summerhouse in Sweden
Shopping in Stockholm - Summer House Vacation in Sweden.

In our Cottage in Sweden you will find a binder which contains all leisure activities and many maps of the surrounding Småland area. In there we have additional information about the location of the closest supermarket and hospital, as well as useful tips about our summerhouse in Sweden. Once you have explored the surrounding of our summerhouse we recommend you a short trip to Stockholm before you leave Sweden again. More tourist information on Stockholm you find on - a tourist guide to Stockholm.

Winter Special in the Summer House in Sweden

In the wintertime we invite you to go out and cut your own Christmas tree in the woods around our summerhouse. If you wish, we can even arrange a meeting with Santa Claus in the woods. It is an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Ice-skating on the lake is also very pleasant as you can see in our Photo Gallery

In the pristine nature surrounding our summer house there is a lot to discover:

Hiking around our Summerhouse in Sweden

You can discover the surrounding hills and woods around our blue summerhouse in Sweden on various hiking adventures through paths in the woods. You can also collect many mushrooms and berries such as the Lingonberry which has a special meaning here in Småland.

Biking around our Summerhouse in Sweden

Go on a small bike ride to the old mill, a special place for the surrounding villages hidden in the forest. Or, take a longer bike ride to Gränna and with a short ferry ride you will be on Visingsö, an island in the middle of Lake Vättern. There you can follow the historical footsteps of Sweden by visiting the ruins of the first Swedish castle ever built. We also recommend you to visit one of the many Elk Parks in Småland. More information about the different Elk Parks can be found in the summerhouse.

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Fresh mushrooms collected in the woods surounding our lakeside summerhouse in Sweden.
Pike caught in Lake Lången at our summer house in Sweden.

Fishing Vacation in Sweden

Take the summerhouse boat and go fishing on Lake Lången, a 30 second walk from the cottage. If you don't want to work up a sweat by rowing, we offer you the possibility to rent a small electric boat engine. Compared to a petrol engine this is more environmentally friendly and preserves our clean water.

If you have any questions about fishing you can always ask us or check out our professional fishing page for experienced anglers. In Lake Lången, in front of our summerhouse in Sweden you can mainly fish for Pike and Perch. There are more adventures awaiting you in the many lakes in the surrounding area. There you can fish for other fish species like Pikeperch (Zander / Walleye). There have been catches of big Pikeperch with up to 12,5 kilos! Lake Vättern, the fifth biggest lake in Europe, is only 25 km away from our summerhouse in Sweden. The cold and crystal clear water of Lake Vättern offers an ideal condition for Salmon, Trout, and especially Char.

You will find more information about fishing in Sweden on our special fishing website

Leisure Activities around our blue Summerhouse in Sweden:

Astrid Lindgren's World

This beautiful theater park in Vimmerby is based on Astrid Lindgren's stories and is the main attraction for many visitors in Småland. Here you will meet Pippi, Emil, and other characters that will act out your favorite stories in their original environment. The park is open from the 16th of May to the 31st of August.


Eksjö is one of the best preserved wooden towns in Sweden and is a historical marvel to experience. Go back in time to the beginning of the 1900's by visiting Åsens Village and take part in their activities and daily programs. “Skuregata“ is a nature walk through terrific ravines in a beautiful natural environment. In the outskirts of Eksjö there is an annual Crayfish feast, a local August tradition, which treats you to crayfish caught naturally in the surrounding lakes.


Gränna is home to the Swedish red and white peppermint rock candies and the town has the original producers of this sweet treat. Gränna hosts the Gränna market, as well as jousting and festivals. Once the home to one of the most powerful countships in Sweden, Gränna houses the remains of the stronghold Visingborg. Castles and monuments depicting the tumultuous history of the region will spark your interest for exploration.

From Gränna you can take the ferry to the wonderful island Visingsö in the middle of Lake Vättern. It is home to the remains both a 12th and 17th century castle and the traditional horse drawn carriages will take you for a tour around the marvelous island. Outside of Gränna you will encounter the beautiful waters of Lakes Bunn and Ören where a guided boat tour leaves for the magical land of trolls, fairies, and water lilies.

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Crayfish caught in the lake at our summer-house
Jönköping at Lake Vättern, only 25km away from the summerhouse in Sweden


Located 32 km from the summerhouse, this is the largest city in Småland and offers the largest selection of restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, museums, and cultural events. The pier in the summer is bustling with activity and restaurants with a lakeside view of Vättern. There are Vättern boat tours where you can wine and dine on the water. Jönköping's golf club offers a relaxing round on a hilly mound. Rosenlundsbadet is one of the biggest swimming and recreation centers in Scandinavia. Also, the nearby Taberg mine tour guides you through some unique mineral formations.


In Kyrkekvarn, on the way to Mullsjö, you will find the magical Icelandic ponies and the opportunity to ride them along the Tidan River. In Mullsjö you can both bike and hike, but you will also find an outlet for some of the most delicious candies. Ryfors Konfektyr is heaven for those with a sweet tooth.


In Nässjö and its surrounding areas located 16 km from our summerhouse in Sweden, you can experience the highlands of Småland. Sävsjö offers an adventure center that will test your limits called Boda Borg. You can also explore a winding underground adventure in the Kleva Mine.


This area is home to the Store Mosse National Park, a swamp region with 40 km of footpaths and several bird towers. When traveling through Bredaryd you will have the opportunity to go beer tasting with a selection of over 170 different kinds of beer. Don't miss the adventures of ”High Chaparrall”, an old Western town outside of Värnamo where you will encounter cowboys, indians, and lots of adventure.

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