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Fishing in Sweden
Fishing Vacation in Sweden: The best months for pike, perch and pikeperch fishing in Sweden are: April, May, September, October, November!

Fishing and Fishing Vacations in Sweden

Here you will find tips about Fishing in Sweden. Those who like it quiet and peaceful can fish directly by our cottage. Adventurous fishers can venture into nearby Lake Vättern.

Fishing Vacation in Sweden at our Cottage

Lake Lången is only 45 meters away from our cottage and is especially good for
  • Pike fishing in Sweden
  • Perch fishing in Sweden
The boat and fishing permit for Lake Lången are already included in the rent. If you wish you can also rent the boat engine from us for 50 EUR per week.

Fishing Vacation in Sweden at other Lakes

In the surrouding areas of our cottage are many nearby lakes with rather good conditions for Pikeperch fishing in Sweden. The average Pikeperch here at the cottage is about 2 to 5 kilos, but there have been catches of up to 15 kilos! Important to know is that in order to fish in Sweden you need a fishing permit, a so called "fiskekort". Where you get these depends on where you would like to fish. Best is if you tell us in advance where you would like to go fishing or what particular fish you are hunting for, and we will find out for you!

Fishing Vacation in Sweden at Lake Vättern

Vättern is the fifth biggest lake in Europe and is therefore ideal for your fishing vacation in Sweden. The clear water of Vättern creates a good habitat for many kinds of fish. Vättern is famous for their:
  • Salmon Trout fishing
  • Vättern Char fishing
  • Grayling fishing
  • Whitefish fishing
  • Pikeperch fishing in Sweden
  • Pike fishing in Sweden
One of the most popular ways to fish in Vättern is known as trolling in Sweden. More information about trolling in Vättern on your fishing vacation in Sweden and guided fishing tours on Vättern you'll find on For lake Vättern no fishing license is required! Detailed information on the fishing regulations concerning lake Vättern you find in this pdf file.

Fishing Vacation in Sweden at Lake Vänern

Lake Vänern is the third largest European lake and has similar fish to Vättern. More information about fishing in Lake Vänern you will find on Fishing in Vänern.

We welcome you to a hospitable Sweden and hope to give you an unforgettable experience and that big catch on your fishing vacation in Sweden!

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